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25×42 House Plan 4 bedrooms

25x42 House Plan 4 bedrooms

25×42 House Plan 4 bedrooms. Welcome to home design plans Today we bring you a design review for the perfect 25×42 house plan in the fifties.

The main idea was to block dense urban dwellings with solid concrete facades and create your own dream with this east-facing 25×42 house plan.

Seen as an introvert with a solid mass of concrete with stagnant concrete and gold from the outside. At the entrance we have a parking lot in the middle of the estate, left the feast.

25×42 House plan

Ground floor level

First floor level

Terrace Floor level

25×42 House Plan

Connecting space to it and maintaining family happiness, this strategy is to create a sense of rural living. The step-down area has a guest bedroom attached to a bathroom that plays with light. The volume is only revealed when entering and walk through different areas.

The upper ground floor is a luxurious living room. The kitchen and dining area arranged and open to the lush lawns provide seamless views. Sunlight pouring in from the patio, and the Greaves provide a cozy setting for master bedroom living. Open green space Another bedroom overlooks the green area.

Light shines through the walls smoothly through large glass open sand skylights, creating a strong dialogue between the rough and smooth below.

The terrace is a sumptuous swimming pool with frescoes in the back. Pateros gives this home a beautiful touch. Try to create a level of privacy with an urban environment where users can interact with each other and be as natural as possible, comment on your views on the project and like and subscribe. more fresh content

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25×43 House Design Plan

Layout Plan 25x43 House Design Plan

Hi and nice to see you on Small House Design, today I bring you a design review for a 25×43 house design plan, an area of 1100 square feet. The house occupies a thousand square foot lot on the outskirts of the suburbs with dense housing across the road. This creates an interesting opportunity to design a pocket of greenery in view the elevation is modern contemporary with a well-balanced use of geometric telephones.

25×43 House Design Plan

The straight line of engineering lies in the shocking contrasts in the neighborhood. But a pretty basic visual answer for a 25×43 house design plan. The garage has green pockets around it from where the design looks open and perforated. The ground floor occupies the public area from the linear open-plan living-dining stairs and the open central green courtyard. The open house concept complements the light and quiet of the kitchen and the seatbelt space in the backyard. while the bedroom at the front faces the front lawn. It gives a simple yet close feeling to nature to celebrate the beauty of natural perfect world

Wall detailing

Adequate lighting and air in a colorful home and warm interior often add playfulness and curiosity to a place. While warmly welcomed by family and friends on a quiet evening or on a night where everyone else lives, on the first floor there is a large communal living room and two bedrooms adjoining the bathroom. The use of art helps more.

The entire narrative and further supported by the overlapping palette living space opens onto a large green terrace that captures the essence of the surroundings, where the second floor has a large gaming lounge with terrace and bedroom next to bathroom The design brings a quick but subtle touch of home. itself is a pause that mediates internally and externally.

The green terraces are arranged in a staggered manner, which also tops the terrace below and is covered with ivy. The objective is to create a earthy atmosphere with a balanced monkey ladder. Available to reach the mountain is a beautiful and calm skating rink. An environment with surrounding planters and a cozy atmosphere to enjoy the warmth of the space, comment on projects and like to share and subscribe to fresh content.

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