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Dining Room Decorating Ideas|Dining Room Design

Dining Room Decorating IdeasDining Room Design

Dining Room Decorating Ideas|Dining Room Design

Hello I’m, Jennifer with Jennifer Decorates, and today’s video is going to be all about dining room decorating ideas, so stay tuned.

So, in this video I have got seven tips that will help you design a beautiful dining room.

Maybe you’re just wanting to give your dining room just a little bit of a facelift.

All of these tips will apply now in this video.

Most of the dining room that I’m going to show you is from one of my favorite clients

that we did last year. They’re just a lovely couple, and they graciously allowed me to show you a little bit of their home.

Let me give you just a preview of how beautiful their home really is.

For tip number one, it’s gonna be to declutter your dining room.

Unfortunately, many of our dining rooms become dumping stations. So that is the first thing you have to do.

You just have to clear out the clutter and

make up your mind that that room is not going to be a dumping station for everybody’s papers and shoes and clutter.

Now, I am saying that but I’ve also had trouble with that, and I’m going to tell you real quick – this is a book

it’s called “The

Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo, I believe she’s even got a Netflix show coming out.

This book really helps you get behind the psychology of why we hang on to things.

And I recently lost both of my parents

so it was very difficult for me to figure out what can I let go and what can I keep. And

this is a fabulous book. I’ll put a link to it below. But that’s your first tip and that is De- cluttering your dining room.

For tip number two, it’s gonna be paint.

Nothing transforms a room quicker and more beautifully than paint. Now I know paint is extremely difficult.

How many of you have over ten samples in your garage of paint, that didn’t work out?

But here’s a few quick little tips about what will help you choose paint.

I always say if there’s a certain color you like – like a certain blue;

choose about three different blue colors in that same hue, paint them on a sample. Bring them home

put them on your wall and look at them in the daytime and in the evening. And here’s another trick:

so here’s a sample I’ve painted and I know I have my bright lights on, but it looks pretty light.


if you take a white piece of paper and you hold that sample up to the white –

Look how much darker it looks. This helps you know how dark that color is going to look on your wall.

So tip number two is all about paint.

Tip number three is

furniture. Now typically when I am designing from scratch a dining room

I like to choose a sideboard or buffet rather than a huge hutch.

You know most dining rooms aren’t very large. So a hutch just tends to really shrink the room.

Another reason and my most important reason is because if I have a sideboard or a buffet,

then I’m going to put buffet lamps on them and that just adds ambient lighting to the room. Now

let’s talk about if you’ve already got furniture.

And maybe – I hear this all the time – a lot of clients have beautiful cherry furniture.

Beautiful table and chairs and they don’t want to get rid of everything. So, how can you just update it a little bit? Well,

keep the table or

keep the chairs on the side and then switch out with

captains chairs on the end. Or do

Parsons chairs, or an upholstered chair.and that really

softens the look. If you’re not as attached – we did this with a client. She was not as attached to her buffet

So you can see in the before picture

There is her old buffet and then we just brought in a different buffet and then for her we changed out her chairs.

All right. Let me show you another picture. I I love this dining table every chair is

mismatched, except the two captains chairs on the end. And it works!

Now what if you don’t want to change out your buffet or your dining table?

Or maybe you can’t afford to change out the buffet.

But you’re not as crazy about it – learn to paint it will make the hugest difference. Let me show you this picture

this is my

bedroom dresser, but let me show you the before picture. You can see this is


But it was a beautiful piece. So what I did was I chaulk painted it and it gave it the most beautiful makeover.

And it’s not that hard to do.

I will put a link above you can click over to my video where I show how to chalk paint furniture.

So for tip number four

We’re gonna talk about lighting.

Because that can make a huge difference in a room if your chandelier is out of date and you have it in the budget.

It is amazing how updating your light fixture can really change the entire design of the room. Now, I spoke about this before,

buffet lamps -I think are so important in a dining room because if you only have

overhead lighting, you just really don’t get that warm and cozy feeling. Now

let me tell you another secret we use in our house,

and that is we call it a “lamp remote” you get five of these plugins and you get two remotes.

These are wonderful!

So you plug them in the wall and you plug your lamp into them and you can have them in several different rooms and then


button controls each lamp that you’ve plugged in to these little outlets.

My husband’s so happy now because he says he gets to go bed 15 minutes earlier now because of all the lamps I have on.


So the fifth tip I want to talk to you about is window treatments.

They make one of the most biggest impacts in a room and especially in a dining room because if you paint in a dining room,

your window treatments are going to be essentially the only

pattern design in the room.

Always hang them above your window as high as you can to bring I up on the wall now

Everybody’s got a particular budget

So with each client, I have three different places that are my go-to depending on their budget. If it’s a bit tight

I’m gonna be at HomeGoods.

Dining Room Decorating Ideas

They have started carrying a lot more ready-made panels – some all the way to

108 inch length. Target carries some great drapes as well. If we have a little more in the budget,

I have a wonderful company that I go to online called Half-price Drapes. And I’ll put a link to that below as well. I

Love their French Linen line.

And they have a lot of beautiful colors and I’ve even ordered them before and

Added a little bit is called tape on the edge of the curtain for a little bit of color and Flair

My third go-to is if we have a good cushion in the budget is going to be for custom drapery panels

Now if that’s a little overwhelming to you even just even going to a fabric store having someone come in to help you with that

One of the things we do at my store if you go online, it’s called a virtual

Consultation and you’ll have that with me and you go in

Online and you sign up on the form and you’re gonna send me pictures and measurements of your windows

and I’m gonna kind of take a look at everything in the room and

Send you three to five

Samples of fabric that I think are gonna be your best choice in that room and then we’ll chat back and forth

About having the drapes made kind of what their function is. So just remember that

Window treatments really do make a huge impact in your dining room

Alright tip number six is wall decor

Now I will typically have a mirror in the dining room

I’d love to have a mirror above the buffet because most home designs when you come in the front door

There’s a dining room either on the left or right. So that is you’re coming right into that foyer

And you look say the dining is to the, right?

You look in the dining room that mirror just reflects everything from the foyer and just makes that whole room look really big

So if I don’t put a mirror above the buffet

Then that’s a perfect place to put some beautiful

Artwork. And then just for the rest of the walls – you just put on the walls

Whatever makes you happy. Whether it’s family portraits or just different artwork

Just remember not to over clutter the walls and to keep in scale with the room

Number seven is

Accessories I keep accessories pretty minimal in a dining room

I love flowers

So I’m probably gonna either

Place a floral arrangement on the dining table and if there is a buffet maybe if I put it on the buffet

then I might do a really large bowl on the

table with two candlesticks on each side and no matter what I put on the dining table

I usually always put a table runner because it just adds a little bit of softness

between the wood of the table and then whatever accessories I have placed on top

now if I have a hutch in the dining room, I

really like to keep that minimal as well and I’ll kind of go through the clients dishes and

Organize them and then probably take some away and store them somewhere else

now if I do have a floral on the dining room table a lot of times what I like to do is I like to

find a really oversized platter -like just a plain white platter and

I will place it on an easel and that is all I’ll put on the buffet because I can sit it right in between two

buffet lamps and it looks beautiful.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this video about dining-room decorating ideas

be sure to subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna have a lot more videos coming out shortly. And I really hope you have a

wonderful day!

Dining Room Decorating IdeasDining Room Design
Dining Room Decorating Ideas Dining Room Design

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