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Luxury Outdoor Rooms

Luxury Outdoor Rooms

As the controversial land bubble tumbles toward its imminent burst, homeowners search for new ways to extend their home’s value. within the past, you’ll slap some paint on a wall and bam, instant home improvement. As more and more people prefer to spend time reception versus going out, they need their homes, or a minimum of certain areas, to desire a retreat – their own private oasis.

According to research from the Propane Education & Research Council PERC, 35 percent of house owners surveyed currently have a finished outdoor room and one in three of these homeowners who don’t 34 percent decide to design and furnish an outside room by spring 2007. once you apply this data to everyone, quite half us homes could have an outside entertaining area a while next year.

We are seeing an enormous trend in people investing within the outdoor living areas, said Leslie Wheeler, Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association Director of Communication. With more people trying to find ways to reinforce their homes, it is not surprising that they’re turning to their backyards, decks and patios. Homeowners want all the conveniences of an inside kitchen outdoors like an island complete with refrigerator, grill, sink and countertop surface.

There are wonderful products on the market today to increase the outdoor living season and make outdoor living comfortable and enjoyable. Most consumers who invest in an outside living and entertaining area think that their investment with yield a return, should they plan to sell their home or borrow against it. Industry professionals interviewed for Designing Out: the house Lifestyle Report agree that a home’s outdoor space can add the maximum amount as 30 percent to the entire value of a property.

Lifestyle factors also are driving consumer demand for outdoor living spaces, with 50 percent of survey respondents saying they spend longer reception than they did five years ago. Survey respondents also said that relaxation and eager to spend longer outside were the first drivers for an outside room, with entertaining coming during a surprising last among the highest five reasons listed.

If you’re just hearing about this trend and aren’t sure where to start out , Katherine Whiteside, best-selling garden and cookbook author advises people to start out simply. By definition, an outside room is just an outside area that homeowners can use for relaxing, cooking and entertaining, said Whiteside. By adding some furniture and propane appliances to an existing patio, garden or deck, you’ve got the beginnings of an excellent outdoor room.
When planning your outside room, Whiteside recommends listening to your climate.

Think about protection from the elements: sun, rain and cold. Use a market umbrella or a cover hung with mosquito netting to guard yourself from sun and rain. But what happens when the evenings get cold? Consider a propane tabletop heater. At 3 feet tall, they will heat up to five feet in diameter. Outdoor Leisure just came out with a spectacular Bistro Tabletop Heater with a hammered bronze powder finish. an equivalent company also offers a gas light patio heater. If you’ve got the space, install a propane pit , which may be used during spark bans and is marvelous for putting your feet up while stargazing.

Protection from the weather leads right into comfort. you’ve got to be warm, said Whiteside, so believe installing a porch floor with propane heating . you would like an area to take a seat down, so believe comfortable furniture. And if you reside in a neighborhood near water, bugs are a consideration. A propane mosquito chaser can keep pesky insects faraway from you and your guests.

No outdoor room would be complete without an area to dine and a grill. Today’s propane grills accompany all kinds of accessories that make creating appetizers and a main course a snap. you’ll get a rotisserie, a grill with a burner next thereto , even woks. And, if you’ve got three or more propane-fueled appliances, consider fixing an underground tank, so there are not any unsightly above-ground tanks and you will not need to worry about running out of fuel during your backyard party.

The industry’s top-selling appliances within the outdoor living category mirror the preferences of PERC’s survey respondents and Whiteside’s suggestions. After outdoor lighting 94 percent, other propane appliances dominate the list of must-have accessories: 86 percent of these surveyed said gas grills and mosquito eliminators were a necessity, followed by outdoor fireplaces 67 percent and patio heaters 53 percent.

Whether you reside during a shoebox or a Mediterranean oceanfront mansion, outdoor rooms have taken the forefront and summer is that the perfect time to wash up your backyard and transform it into an outside lebensraum where your children can play and you’ll relax or entertain friends. One ay to enhance the worth of the backyard is to feature a beautiful and functional structure, like a gazebo, pavilion, poolside cabana, or playhouse – even a yoga hut, artist’s studio, dog house, music practice room, hobby workshop, or the other private retreat.

Another possibility is to create a backyard headquarters , faraway from the distractions of the house.
No matter how large or small your yard, a water garden, pond or fountain may be a good way to make a tranquil getaway just feet faraway from your back door.

Steve Sandalis, owner of Mystic Water Gardens in l. a. who features a large celebrity following, believes adding a water feature brings a peaceful element to any backyard, and in his opinion,the bigger, the higher . Consider making your water feature bigger, he said, allowing it to meander through the backyard instead of being tucked away within the corner. it’ll create a shocking environment during which to measure and relax.

Before you purchase materials, determine the dimensions of the water feature you would like . Steve suggests going a touch bigger than what you think that are going to be the proper size because once the landscaping grows and fills in, your water feature shrinks. to make a coffee maintenance water feature construct your feature that’s essential an ecosystem that works with Mother Nature and not against it. The water features that we build use a biological filter and a mechanical skimmer that cuts down on the upkeep , Sandalis said.

Create a water feature that’s placed strategically within the yard so you’ll view it from the within , creating year-round enjoyment. If you’ve got children and anxious about water safety, Sandalis recommends a pondless waterfall. We create features with little or no depth, making it much safer for the whole family to enjoy. Water plants add a natural touch to water features. Sandalis says to stay the water clean from algae because plants absorb nutrients within the water.

When it involves outdoor furnishings, not all products are created equally. Some are designed for specific climates and are more durable than others. you’ll spend a touch or tons . With numerous options, and each manufacturer claiming their product is high-end and therefore the best on the market, making a choice is nerve-wracking. We’ve taken the guesswork out of designing your backyard entertaining area or retreat with these luxury picks.
Tabletop Lantern Heaters by Outdoor Leisure counting on where you reside , you only might need a touch heat on a cool summer evening.

As we enter fall, a heater will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even longer. We like these brand-new, patio and tabletop lantern heaters from Outdoor Leisure that are heads and tails better than the standard mushroom heaters.

Cal Flame MC700 We love the Cal Flame MC700 barbecue island. it is a a part of the Master Chef Series, which is meant for the frequent barbecue cook who requires bar seating and counter space for dining and entertaining. The Series is mid-priced with numerous options that enable the buyer to make a convenient outdoor kitchen facility. The MC700 features a U-shaped countertop round the grill. It comes with a 2-burner grill (option of gas or liquid propane), tile top and stucco base and single-door under-counter storage. Available options include up to a 5-burner Convection grill, beverage tap, refrigerator, food warmer, side burner, LED lighting, entertainment system and built-in waterfall.

\Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet Another great grill manufacturer is Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, a corporation that has been making high-end grills, outdoor kitchens and recently, a martini bar, for 100 years. additionally to their awesome free-standing grills, Kalamazoo will literally build the kitchen of your dreams outdoors. the whole system stands fully finished in chrome steel and on its own leveling legs.

They will also integrate your kitchen into stone surrounds, outdoor enclosures or other hardscape treatments. Every outdoor clique door and drawer opening is surrounded by its own rain gutter, so any items you store inside will remain clean and dry regardless of what the weather. Hand-crafted entirely of 304 and 316 chrome steel , including all hinges, handles, drawer glides and other hardware, your outdoor kitchen will withstand the weather and appearance beautiful for a lifetime.

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