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Small Modern House 7×9 Meters 2 Bedrooms

Small Modern House 7x9 Meter 2 Bedrooms

Small Modern House 7×9 Meters 2 Bedrooms. FIRE HOME SERIES Modern StyleLine F-172, 2-story house, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, Parking – cars.

Usable area 139 square meters,  Land area 42 Square Wah, 11 meters wide 15 meters long.

Small Modern House 7×9 Meters Ground Floor Plans Has:

Firstly, the Parking is outside of the house. Terrace entrance is in front of the house 3.30 x 1.80 meters. A big foyer 3.30 x 2.40 meters. Living area is at the right 3.30 x 3.30 meter. After that is a dinning area 3.30 x 4.50 meter. A close door kitchen 3.30 x 2.70 meters, also attached with exit door to the washing area. Bathroom 2 size 1.50 x 2.40 meters is in front of the stair. Storage is under the stair 0.90 x 2.40 meters. Foyer in front of the stair size 1.80 x 2.40 meters and washing area size 4.50 x 1.20 meters.


Small Modern House 7x9 Meter 2 Bedrooms ground floor
Small Modern House 7×9 Meter 2 Bedrooms ground floor

First Floor Plans Has:

Secondly, There are 3 rooms with 1 Bathroom in this floor. Master Bedroom 6.6 x 3.30 meters attached working area and closet, also connect to Balcony 1 4.20 x 1.80 meters and the Balcony 2 1.50 x 3.30 meters. Bedroom 2 size 3.30 x 3.30 meters. Finally, living area 3.30 x 3.30 meters.

The Roof Tile:

Finally, The flat roof type is Cement tiles with color Gray. It is make the house look simple and modern with the big entrance glass door and big window in the first floor.

Exterior Small Modern House 7×9 Meters:

Similarly, to the roof color we choose a bite dark and light color combination together with white frame window to get the house look so beautiful and Modern house.

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