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Today’s Supersized Windows Call For Innovative Fashion Solutions

When building a dream house, today’s homeowners want quite an area with a view. they need many rooms and larger windows to maximise the view and let in additional light.

Recent statistics from the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) indicate that new houses still get larger then do windows.

They show that a majority of Gen X’ers and Y’s prefer nine-foot or higher ceilings-and soaring rooms often incorporate enormous windows.

NAHB also reports that baby boomers, in their well-established tradition of defying convention, are seeking diverse housing solutions. But whatever their choices, they need an abundance of natural light and thus larger windows in their new homes.

The trend also applies to transforming homes. “As homes age, many householders got to replace windows. once they do, they often upgrade to greater windows or trade a couple of small windows for an outsized one,” said Joan Stephen, President of the National Association of the transforming Industry.

The trend holds for apartments also , where realtors report that loft-style apartments and new glass towers are gaining popularity over traditional apartments.

One window covering manufacturer is keeping pace with the necessity to decorate of these big windows while recognizing the buyer preference for diffused light and a good view. Hunter Douglas has introduced Quartette™, a four-inch vane size in Silhouette® window shadings.

This innovative, light-transforming window fashion, with its soft fabric vanes suspended between sheer panels, was previously available in two- and three-inch vane sizes. within the new style, the shadings make a dramatic architectural statement at the window.

Silhouette Quartette combines the design of shutters with the softness and elegance of a sheer in sizes up to 10-feet wide and 10-feet high. Yet it also boasts superior UV protection and provides the utmost view-through of any Silhouette vane size.

“When you’ve got huge windows, you would like something heftier,” said designer Elaine Griffin. “The four-inch vane size brings window dressing to a replacement dimension.”

Available in 24 colors in two popular fabric styles, Silhouette Quartette softly diffuses light while providing the large view today’s consumers crave.

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