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Small House Design Plans 11 x 9.5 with 3 Bedrooms

Small House Design Plot 11 x 9.5 with 3 Bedrooms

Small House Design Plans 11 x 9.5 with 3 Bedrooms. EARTH HOME SERIES Tropical Style Line EA-119, 2-story house. The House has 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1 car parking, Usable area, 185 square meters, Land area 45 Square Wah, Plot size 14 meters wide 13 meters long.

Small House Design Ground Floor Plans Has:

Firstly the Parking is front left side of the house available to park 1 car. Terrace entrance size is 1.20 x 3.80 meters. The right site of the house is a very nice modern living area size is 4.00 x 4.10 Meters. After the living room area is a Dinning area that supported 6 people in the family. The stair is in the middle front of the house. Guest Bathroom is in front of the stair 2.00 x 2.70 Meters. The big wide foyer is in the center of the house. Kitchen is next to the bathroom it has the size a bout 4.00 x 2.90 Meters. The most important of this house to avoid the smell when we are cooking is have an extra Out door kitchen 4.00 x 1.50 meters.

First Floor Plans Has:

There are 3 Bedrooms with two Bathrooms at the same size 2.00 x 2.70 meters in this floor plan. Master Bedroom 1 size is 6.00 x 3.9 meters, it is included with big closet and sitting area, also attached with bathroom and balcony 2.00 x 1.20 Meters at the back of the house. The 2 Bedroom, Bedroom 2 and bedroom 3 is the same size 4.00 x 2.90 meters each bedroom no bathroom but it include a big closet. Finally is the big foyer which the big space to connecting to all the room in first floor. Extra slab to cover the entrance door.

The Roof Tile:

The hip roof type is Cement tiles with a dark color of Purple. It is make the house look simple and modern with the big entrance glass door and big window in the first floor.

Exterior house design:

Similarly to the roof color we choose a bite dark purple and white color combination together with white frame window to get the house look so beautiful and love the house.

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